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Making a Shift to Online Casino Standards

During the NFL season it seemed that American players were hitting the online casino in a big way. In fact, the US football season bought in record bets to many online casino businesses around the world. And although the US has not yet legalized the online gambling industry, this does not stop Americans from putting their money into international-owned businesses. Betcorp, and online casino and sportsbook based is Australia, saw massive profits from US bettors, which helped increase their business substantially. But since the football season is officially over, Betcorp is looking for another way to keep these American players coming back.

The online casino and sportsbook is hoping to convert sports bettors to more conventional and profitable games such as poker. Unlike sports betting, online casino games such as poker are a safe bet for online casino firms. Poker is considered a no risk game for online casinos because the business takes a percentage fee from each pot played and thus, there is no risk of losing massive funds, as is the case when a favorite sports pick wins their game. In late 2005, during week 13 of the NFL, almost every favorite won their game, which meant big payouts for players and major loses for online casinos.

By converting sports bettors into casino players, online casino sites strengthen their chances of success. As with any business, the online casino is heavily dependant on their players, because sporting events are not always in season, online casinos that bring in the same players for all types of games assure themselves success in the future. Currently, 64% of Betcorp revenues come from sports bettors, in the near future, the business hopes to stabilize this percentage with increased profits from their standard online casino games.

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