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Sponsorship Pays Off for Online Casino Firms

Online casino businesses have been quick to recognize the publicity opportunities associated with the sponsorship of sporting events. From snooker to motor racing, online casino businesses s have started to get behind sports at both a national and local level. Recently news of two high profile deals between sporting bodies and online casino operators has been received favorably by sports fans and casino players.
The deal between online casino giant 888 Holdings and the World Snooker Championship is a prime example of a mutually beneficial agreement.

Many online casino companies are becoming increasingly aware that sponsorship along with an increased interest in the work carried out by charitable organizations generates positive publicity among casino fans and the public at large. 888 Holdings has been quick to set the trend and has taken on sponsorship of the World Snooker Championship final, along with additional sponsorship of other snooker related events. The deal is viewed as a highly lucrative one for 888. In 2005 a record 7.8 million people watched the final televised on the BBC and it is expected that this year the online casino firm’s advertising will reach an even larger audience.

Another deal featuring online casino firm VIP Sports has benefited the company greatly. The firm states it has gained valuable publicity since it began to sponsor a national hot rod racing event, even winning new casino players from the legions of motor racing fans encouraged by casino sponsorship. The National Hot Rod Association has praised the level of commitment from the online casino and credits the company with helping to boost interest in the event among its members. The sponsorship deal between the two organizations was recently renewed to cover the 2006 racing season.

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