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Leading Online Casino Changes Branding

With the competitive nature of the online casino business it is not surprising that many sites are finding that a change is necessary for their continued success. This is exactly what one of the biggest online casino business operators have decided to do to ensure that their site will continue to be on top. A change in the way online casino firm 888 is branded will be introduced in the February issue of Loaded magazine. The new marketing ploy is designed to reflect the changing personality of the online casino for the New Year. The online casino will also promote its new image in outdoor and print media before alternative advertising mediums are employed.

According to a company spokesman, the new look branding that will be launched in February this year by the online casino operator is a clear departure from the advertising campaigns used in the past. The new advertising which describes 888 as “the home of online casino gambling” reflects the “personality of the brand” and is designed to leave the campaigns of other online casino firms trailing in its wake.

The new campaign by the Gibraltar-based poker giant will be aired in the United Kingdom this month under a one-year promotional partnership with Loaded magazine. In the February issue, a free DVD of online casino software will be provided on the cover of Loaded. The branding of “Loaded 888 Online Casino and Poker Room” along with an advertorial focusing on Las Vegas gaming is expected to kick off the new campaign in style. Its aim is to help casino players easily distinguish between the 888 brand and those of more traditional casinos such as Pacific Poker and Casino On Net.

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