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Two Books to Help with Online Casino Tax Questions

Two new books have been published which will help answer online casino gambling tax questions. The issue of online casino laws and tax are complicated, and the two new books will help the readers understand the issues slightly better. How To Turn Poker Playing Into a Business (Knowing What to Deduct to Improve Your Odds With the IRS) by Ann-Margaret Johnston and The Tax Guide for Gamblers by Roger and Yolanda Roche are two new publications aimed to help answer questions about gambling, taxes and online casino laws.

The issue of online casino sites and the tax laws is often a biggie with high-rollers in the gambling world. The top gamers are hoping that these books will help them find some tax loopholes which can be used to their benefit. The focus of Johnston’s book is on poker gambling which is her favorite game. It is also quite apt because this game seems to be the most popular game at the online casino this tax year. The book contains 13 chapters, examples of how to fill out tax forms and a glossary of essential gambling and tax terms.

This book will appeal to millions of people because the popularity of poker is dozens of different forms has been spreading like wild-fire: Tournaments, online casino tournaments, television shows and individual games. The book is full of dos and don’ts about what is worthwhile trying to avoid paying and what is not worthwhile confronting the IRS about. The second book by Roche is aimed more at the casual gambling player. It is a more comprehensive book which covers gambling in many forms such as at the races, slots, table games, and online casino games. The tax issues of being a professional player is a must-read.

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