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Online Casino Business Gets Mobile

Mobile casinos are the wave of the future for online casino businesses. However, there has been a recent restriction placed by the Federal Government of Australia regarding SMS betting. Txt2bet, a well known online casino sports book, offers customers the ability to bet 24/7 directly from their mobile phones. This is great business for the online casino site considering that their customers need not be located in front of a computer to place bets. The issue that Australia seems to have over is the fact that this may increase gambling problems for online casino bettors.

Gambling addiction has been a problem for decades and has existed long before the online casino industry ever began. It seems that the online casino however is getting the brunt of the blame for gambling problems. When in fact this is just another facet for casino fans to gamble, not the reason for their problems; gambling addicts will be addicts regardless of online casino or mobile casino availability. There is no reason to try to shut down a business just because there are those who have an illness.

Text2bet has recently stated that they believe that their service is substantially better for problem gamblers then competing online casino sites. Unlike other sites, Text2bet uses an exclusively debit-based service, which means that there is no credit. When a player places a bet they must put money on their card, thus keeping problem gamblers at bay as they do not have an unlimited spending limit. Considering the recent regulations of online casino sites around the globe, it seems that debit-based betting may put a stop to any gambling abuse and will resolve most major online casino issues.

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