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Online Casinos on Flights in the Near Future

Ryanair, an airline company that provides cheap flights to Britain, Ireland and other European destinations, has announced that by mid-2006, they might be able to offer the equivalent of online casinos while flying. The low-cost airline plans on introducing a new system known as Digebox, which contains 6,000 gaming laptop units. Each of these units, which are like online casinos in themselves. can be converted to play real-time games. If the equivalent of online casinos can be played while flying, the bored passengers will have an exhilarating flying experience.

The managing director of Ryanair has said that the potential is enormous. He believes that these mini online casinos will be able to generate so much money that eventually passengers on flights which offer online casinos, could fly for free! Ryanair has operated some form of gambling on their flights before. They were not online casinos, but rather lottery cards which were sold as soon as the aircraft began flying over international waters. Proceeds of the lottery tickets were split between the airline and some charities.

Ryanair is not the first airline to try offer online casinos or gambling on their flights. Singapore Airlines once had two slot machines installed on one of their planes as an experiment. Swissair introduced on-board video gambling in the late 1990s, followed by a few other airlines. None of the ventures have really taken off, so Ryanair hopes to be the first airline to succeed in the online casinos venture.

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