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Ireland Hits the Jackpot with Online Casino Business

The Irish have enjoyed gambling for generations and have a love for sports betting. However, until recently, Ireland and its people have not been big players at the online casino. Things are starting to change though, as Ireland understands the benefits involved in running a successful online casino business. Globally, the online casino is a multi-billion dollar business, with earnings of over $11 billion for 2005 alone. It is therefore not at all surprising that Ireland is trying to get a piece of the action.

One of the most popular games at the online casino, which has bought in approximately 20% of last years profits, is poker. The Ireland-based Paddy Power, a traditional bookmaker, has recently adjusted its format in efforts to attempt to reap the benefits of the poker craze. Since its transformation from bookmaker to online casino, Paddy Power has seen a substantial increase in profits. In fact, the site sees more revenue from the online casino site alone then from all other aspects of the business combined.

Another Ireland-based online casino has recently partnered up with a media company and the group is now planning to open up an online casino specifically designed for Irish online casino fans. It seems that the online casino craze has really hit hard in Europe. Countries such as Italy, Spain, UK and now Ireland are creating customized online casinos for their players to ensure that online casino taxes will circulate within the player’s country. The only nation not reaping the benefits of its many online casino players is the US. Perhaps in the next few years they will change their outdated laws, but until then, the rest of the business world is benefiting from the millions of US-based gambling fans.

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