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Online Casino Industry Perform Strongly on London Stock Exchange

2004 saw the first online casino businesses announce their intentions to go public on the London Stock Exchange. Today a host of online casino sites and other gambling related businesses are testing their fortune on the Exchange, generating much interest amongst potential investors. When asked to point to the most successful floatation on the London Stock Exchange in years, many analysts will think of online casinos and name poker company Party Gaming. The business enjoyed unprecedented levels of success when it first decided to go public, and its share price has remained consistently strong.

Following its lead, many other online casinos have decided to try their luck on the Exchange and on London’s Alternative Investment Market. Today a multitude of online casinos are listed as public companies and attract major investors. Similarly major software companies that are responsible for powering online casino sites have floated publicly. A recent first quarter posting by a renowned software firm specializing in poker software was reported at five million dollars from an annual revenue of twenty million dollars.

Further public listings of online casinos are anticipated at regular intervals with many first time investors unable to resist the opportunity for making a fortune on the money markets as a result of the industry’s growth rate. Previously some analysts had been urging caution due to the illegal nature of online casinos in the United States. However due to the regulation of online casinos in the United Kingdom, many now feel that the online gambling industry has been given legitimacy and the huge profits many investors have already enjoyed are merely the tip of the iceberg.

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