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A Clever Business Ploy by the Online Casino

The online casino, like any extremely profitable business, has become making charitable donations. For the online casino industry this is a great business decision for so many reasons. Beyond allowing operators to receive tax deductions from their respective country governments, online casinos are seeing several other breaks that come with helping out the less fortunate. Those online casinos that have started donating funds to charities are seeing significant media coverage, which brings in more members.

Though many may consider the online casino industry’s financial donations as a clever business ploy, there is another side to this story. One online casino, for example, had the celebrity attendees of the Radio City Music Awards sign a poker table, which is now being auctioned off on eBay. The table was signed by approximately 50 of the biggest names in the music industry and is currently going for $2,000. All proceeds from this specific auction will be donated to the “Make a Wish” foundation, which helps terminally ill children receive their final wish, whatever it may be. In essence, does it really matter that the online casino receives media attention over this auction? Doesn’t the fact still stand that there will be one more dying child on this planet that will get to see or do the one thing they want most of all?

It is true that the media that surrounds charitable donations by this online casino, and the many others that have started helping out the impoverished around the world, does bring in many new visitors and members to these casinos. And it is also true that with these new members online casino operators are seeing larger profits. However, if one was to consider the positive aspects of how the online casinos are helping those less fortunate, then they should get higher profits so that they can have even more to donate in the future. Charitable donations are clearly clever business ploys, but the end result is still the same for the children and the poor around the globe.

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