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Online Casino Extends Software Contract

The online casino is not a stand alone business; there are many aspects that contribute to making a successful online casino. The main thing any online casino requires to be top in its class is an advanced and stable online casino software developer. Among the best in the business are Crypto Logic and their subsidiary firm, Wager Logic. Wager Logic has been working along side of the European online casino UK Betting Plc, and the two have recently extended their contract.

UK Betting is one of the top European-based online casinos and Wager Logic has managed to clinch exclusive software right for the site. The online casino poker software will remain in under Wager Logics hands until 2009, while the rest of the online casino software will be maintained by the group until 2008. In addition, Wager Logic’s poker software will be integrated into UK Betting’s electronic cash-wallet, which will help enhance the cross-market opportunities for the online casino.

UK Betting has reaffirmed its confidence in Wager Logic with the contract extension, which was expected considering that the software group has won several recognitions for their work in the online casino industry. The contract extension also helped Crypto Logic in the Toronto Stock Exchange on Tuesday. The software giant saw a rather large rise in their stocks value with a total increase of .83 cents; this raised the stock to $24.40, a 3.52% gain. It seems that business with UK Betting and Wager Logic will continue to prosper with in the coming years.

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