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Online Casino Sudden Business Closure

Bingo has become a very popular online casino game among UK online casino players over the past few years. Always popular in the US, bingo has managed to spread its attractive power to European players everywhere. But one major UK-based online casino bingo site has suddenly closed its doors to the business of the online casino. This came as a shock to many as it seemed that this company was rather successful in terms of the online casino bingo industry. However, with out warning, Gala Bingo withdrew its online casino.

The online casino was operated by well know gaming company St.Minver. The only remnants of the once prosperous online casino business is a note to its customers which states “if you have previously registered with Gala Bingo, your account has been operated by St Minver Limited. Please contact them for support”. It seems as if Gala Bingo Online Casino and St Minver have split ways and the site is waiting on a new operator before resuming their business in the next few months.

Many players have been affected by the closure of the online casino bingo site, and as a result, Online Bingo, the UK-based bingo giant has been providing an alternative gaming option for the former Gala players. Players are not the only ones who were left in the dark regarding the online casino sites sudden closing. The Gala Bingo affiliates have also received no further notice from either Gala or their online casino operators, St Minver. For such a successful business, this sudden removal seems rather strange. In the online casino world with so much competition, perhaps no business is secure.

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