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Mac Online Casino Brings in the Business

Apple has made a name for itself in the computer business by supplying top of the line computer technology to its users. However, the PC user still outnumbers the Mac user substantially, which leads to online software developments that leave the Mac-platform behind. The online casino industry has managed to make the same business mistake, keeping the Mac users out of the online casino gaming loop. However, things are starting to change at the online casino. More and more software developers are using platform-free languages, such as Flash and Java, for their games.

In addition, a relatively new online casino, Mac Pacific Poker, was developed exclusively for Mac users. The site provides the same poker fun as other online casinos without requiring Mac players to use a Virtual PC emulator. This is both cost effective for gambling fans, as the emulator is costly, and a time saver due to the fact that the Virtual PC tends to slow down ones computer substantially. To entice gamblers even more, Mac Pacific Poker also offers new Mac gamblers a $100 instant bonus.

The sites main business comes from Mac and Linux users, who have either not had the ability to enjoy online casinos until now, or are looking for a more compatible way to play their favorite games. Mac Pacific Poker holds hourly poker tournaments with opportunities to win a ticket to the World Series of Poker. In addition, $50 thousand guaranteed tournaments for which players must qualify for via the lower level tournaments offered on the site. Overall, it seems like the Mac-compatible site has managed to gain a large customer base in a relatively short period of time.

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