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New Game to Increase Online Casino Business

An online casino site has recently developed one of the most brilliant business ideas in the online casino industry. It is not related to any new invention or even a new type of game, however, it is a new twist on a online casino classic. Global Interactive Gaming has launched the SportXction software on Littlewoods Betdirect online casino site this week. SportXction will allow online casino players to bet on play-by-play action for over 1,500 events in the upcoming year.

Due to the fact that sports betting has become one of the most popular entertainment formats at the online casino, the new SportXction software could not have come at a better time. Sporting events such as the NFL Superbowl, NCAA March Madness and the World Cup are sending gambling fans running to the online casino. By introducing a way to bet on each individual play, the online casino has not only guaranteed themselves a bigger piece of the action but a larger surge of membership business as well.

Global Interactive Gaming has supplied SportXction software to Littlewoods Betdirect, a Sportech subsidiary, for both their web-based online casino as well as their mobile casino. Players will have the ability to bet on a plethora of games ranging from soccer to pool on a play-by-play basis. This will allow players to consistently be entertained with both the game itself and the online casino sports betting site. Overall, this seems like a great business idea for both Global Interactive Gaming and Littlewoods Betdirect.

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