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Online Casino Paving the Way for the Future

Online casino sites managed to reach record earning in 2005, and many are hoping to continue this good fortune in the upcoming year. The final figures for 2005 for the online casino industry are still not in, but it is speculated that the business earned somewhere around 11 billion dollars, with expected profits in 2006 predicted to increase by at least 2-3 billion dollars. The online casino industry has no interest in slowing down, and with all the recent buy-outs and mergers, it seems that, if anything, the industry is paving the way for a very successful future.

There is one media that helped the online casino do so well in 2005, which was the television. The poker world gained quite a few more fans with all the televised poker tournaments and tutorials that were viewed by millions around the world. Poker not only increased popularity in the game itself, but raised awareness to the convenience of the online casino; allowing many online casino operators to see a significant rise in membership. One such casino that was affected by the new poker fans was Party Gaming. The online casino giant took home approximately $2 billion dollars in the past year, and chief executive Richard Segal has pinpointed the reasons for this massive success.

Richard Segal stated, quite simply, that the beauty behind the online casino industry lies in the fact that nothing new needed to be invented. Each online casino has simply taken standard casino games that have been around for decades and made them more accessible by introducing them into peoples’ homes. This allows for the business to focus more on the technology required to keep these gamblers playing, rather than keeping the focus on research and development. Currently, the new developments in the online casino industry has allowed gamers to keep playing while on the move through mobile phones and while in the air. If the industry continues down the same path, it seems that they will conquer all media, allowing gambling fans to always have the opportunity to enjoy the top sites.

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