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Yet Another Online Casino Merger

The online casino business is continuing to thrive; however, to be a giant among thousands, many online casino operators find that mergers are necessary. With so many online casinos out there, bringing one online casino to the top ranks seems impossible. Impossible that is, unless an operator is able to latch on to an already big name. Ladbrokes, a UK-based top rated gambling business, is doing just that.

Ladbrokes, who currently has a foothold in the UK, European and Asian markets, are seeking to hit it big state side. However, they have not found the online casino that will help take them there, until now. 888 online casino is one of the most respected online casinos in the industry. The company not only does business in the US, but is considered to be one of the top online casinos in the world.

Ladbrokes is rumored to be attempting to acquire the business. Since Ladbrokes is a part of the Hilton Group entity, it does not take bets from US-based customers, due to the legal issues in the US. Obtaining 888 online casino would allow for the company to have a presence in the US market that it is looking to get. In addition, it will help make Ladbrokes into one of the top online casino business operators in the world. Although these dealings are all speculation, in the world of the online casino, you never know who will merge with whom to help bring their business to the next level.

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