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With a Twist of Online Casino

The land-based casino industry has seen a bit of a competition from the online casino business. This is mostly due to the fact that the online casino is more accessible and thus, much more convenient for the average gambler. But casino hotspots like Vegas will not take a dip in their business lightly. In fact, many casinos are fighting back by incorporating the online casino into their own operation. One example is developing machines that allow access to a plethora of different games, similar to the ease of use of online casinos.

Another new land-based casino idea is to incorporate wireless handheld gambling devices for their customers. Similar to an online casino bankroll, the gambling device will be connected to the casino main server and will allow gamblers to set up an account and place limits on how much they want to spend. This will not only allow the player to be smarter with their bankroll, but will also show statistical analysis of wins and losses. This new handheld “online casino” device will first be used by Vegas-based casinos.

Currently there is a bit of a hold-up in production as the wireless gambling device is not yet legalized. The law, which will allow for these tools to be used by players, was signed by Gov. Kenny Guinn in June and is expected to be approved by late February or early March of this year. The wireless device will help the casino business track players bankrolls as much as it will help the player. The lesson to be learned here is that the online casino does have something to offer the land-based casino.

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