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William Hill Online Casino Increased Earnings

William Hill is currently the UK’s second largest bookmaker. The company operates both online sports books as well as a plethora of other online casino games. In November 2005, William Hill Plc announced that their earnings for the 2005 cycle would not be as high as they had originally predicted. This was caused by the surge of sports books winners that was felt all through the online casino industry during the months of October and November. However, sporting events soon returned to normal and the William Hill Online Casino managed to pull through and exceed their predicted earnings.

Although not yet official, on December 27th, the company announced that they beat out their forecast of 230 million pounds, $396 million, by earning approximately 240 million pounds. The official earnings will be released on March 2nd, but it seems that if anything the numbers will be even higher, as many online casino sites saw a rise in game play during the holiday season. In addition to the increase in earnings, the company also saw a rise in share prices at the London stock exchange. Shares rose about 2.7% in 2005, raising their values to 550 pence a share.

Overall it has certainly been a very good year for William Hill Plc, and chances are the next year will be even better. The company announced that it has seen a recent growth in online casino poker players as well as US-based sports book bettors. In addition, the world of sports is reaching its hottest months all over the world, from the Super Bowl, March Madness and the World Cup. Sports bettors everywhere will be hitting the online casino to make place their bets on their favorites; making the real winners William Hill and similar big name online casino sports books.

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