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Bringing the Online Casino Into New Heights

The online casino industry hit it big in 2005 with earnings reaching approximately $12 billion dollars. The question is how will the industry keep itself from seeing an eventual stabilization point? In addition, as with any other business, there needs to be a place to expand into it. The internet seems like it is vast enough to allow the online casino to expand infinitely. However, the problem is with the gamblers. There are only so many people who will join the online casino. Eventually this will reach its saturation point. The goal of the online casino industry is to find a way to keep these players playing even when the internet is not available.

One solution many online casinos have found is to make their sites available for mobile devices. Popular online casino sites have developed games that can be accessed from cellular phones and BlackBerrys. This allows gamblers to play their favorite games on the go. But what about when there is no access to any sort of service; mobile or otherwise. For example, during international flights, when gamers are not only bored on board, but also have no access to the internet.

To solve this problem one airline, Ryanair, recently announced that they are planning on starting in-flight online casino gambling in March 2006. There is no better business expansion than going up, and Ryanair and it’s online casino affiliates will put this to action. The airline will install systems known as Digebox with 6,000 gaming laptop units to be used for online casino gambling. Although Ryanair did not invent the idea of playing at the online casino during flights, they will be the first to get the business running; assuming all goes according to plans.

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