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Big Business for Vegas Casino

Las Vegas casinos are not suffering from lack of business, but just in case they did feel a bit of a drop in their profits, New Years Eve is here. New Years is one of the busiest times for any casino on the strip, and even those hot new casino areas off the strip. Between VIP parties, the fireworks on the strip or the fact that no one will say a word to you if you start boozing outside of the casino, Las Vegas is a great way to ring in the New Year. And for the casinos, it’s a guaranteed profitable night.

Many casino hotels are fully booked for the New Years weekend, and this is not surprising, considering the fact that the holiday falls on a Saturday. This allows otherwise employed guests to stay and party all weekend long. The casino hotels that do have vacancies are making players pay a high price, with room rates doubling and even tripling for this weekends casino events. The land-based casino business knows how to make the most of big holidays such as New Years, and Vegas visitors better expect to pay a lot of money to enjoy the otherwise affordable amenities.

The biggest casinos on the strip, including the Palms, located off the strip, are hosting huge New Years Eve parties to bring in 2006. However, these parties are also packed, and getting tickets now will cost visitors quite a bit of money. Casino Resorts such as the Palms, bring in big name stars during this holiday, and these stars mean extra business for such casinos. Casino fans from around the world are all gathering in Vegas to celebrate; and as the saying goes “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

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