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Beating the Online Casino Business

The online casino industry has the land-based casino business beat with total profit earnings exceeding 12 billion dollars for 2005. This is significantly higher than profits generated by Las Vegas, the biggest and most popular gambling area in the world. To combat the online casino industry the land-based casino may soon start employing the well known phrase “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em” by bringing the virtual world into the real world. How do they plan on doing this? Through server-based casino games.

The reason that the online casino beats out the traditional casinos is due to its convenience and the fact that everything is located on one site. Regardless of what games you want to play your favorite online casinos offer everything without having to browse the web or more importantly walk around aimlessly. The plan of land-based casinos is to have players walk up to a machine, place in their members’ card and then have the opportunity to choose to play any game they wish. In addition, the card will serve as the players bankroll and will also keep relevant information such as your birth date.

This is a great idea for those players who enjoy playing machine based games at the online casino and traditional casino. But it seems that the benefit of going to a casino is to have the ability to play table games with other people. As opposed to sitting at a computer and playing against “virtual” players. Although the land-based casino will make playing machine based games more convenient by incorporating aspects of the online casino, they will never have the ability to reach the same number of players. The online casino certainly has a bigger business advantage, and will probably continue to beat out Vegas in the future.

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