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Online Casino Looks to US for Better Business

Bet on Sports, an online casino sports betting company, has placed its focus on the US sports betting market. As per recent online casino statistical analysis, US sports bettors make up a majority of the online casino sports book markets. Bet on Sports realizes that the best sports betting business can be made by US-based gamblers. They have thus purchased three online casino and sports books sites in the amount of 37 million dollars. These three casinos include MVP Sports Book, Player Super Book and V-Wager.

By acquiring these three online casinos, Bet on Sports is hoping to continue their expansion of the online sports book industry. Chief Executive, David Carruthers, stated that “the acquisition extends our cross-selling opportunities and further strengthens our management team with US-facing sports betting expertise”. With the upcoming sporting events in the US, including the Rose Bowl, Super Bowl and March Madness, the online casino is sure to do well with American bettors.

Bet on Sports is a Costa Rica-based company that has recently been valued at £107 million. This is a bit of a fall from the beginning of the year, as the online casino saw a bit of drop in shares by 1.7 percent. However, the company believes that with the new additions, the New Year will bring increased financial gains for the online casino. The next year should raise the profit margins to be in line with their current expectations. Considering the popularity of sports betting in the US, this is certainly plausible.

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