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Spreading the Wings of the Online Casino

Bet and Win Interactive Entertainment has certainly been in the news lately. Between the business merger that bought together two big names in the online casino industry, Bet and Win and OnGame, and now getting the exclusive marketing rights to the German Soccer League and the Second Division. Bet and Win is certainly making itself known, not only in the online casino world, but in the business world in general. The media rights that Bet and Win received include any international TV broadcasting and online and mobile advertising.

The marketing rights for both the German Soccer League and Second Division are exclusively given to the online casino giant for the next three seasons, including the 2008/2009 season. In order to take on this task Bet and Win is working with the Sportsman Media Group as their distribution partner for these rights. The companies joined forces and were able to prove to the German Soccer League that with all the media that the online casino is getting in recent months, having such a place to advertise would help spread the name internationally.

Bet and Win, a world renowned sports betting and online casino, is really making a name for itself in business. The merger with Ongame, which will be finalized in 2006, and the exclusive marketing rights of the sports league, has put Bet and Win in a league of its own. The corporation is planning on become a multimedia group, thereby taking advantage of every aspect of the entertainment world that they possibly can. There is more to the online casino then just gambling after all.

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