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Swedish Online Casino Branching Out

The Swedish-based gambling company Cherryforetagen has recently announced that they plan on seriously restructuring their company by splitting it into three separate entities. Their plan is to group together their online casino sites under one name: Betsson. The current name for these online casinos is Cherry Online, and is one of the highest ranking online casino sites in Sweden. The overall plan of Cherryforetagen is to have the ability to develop each sector seperatly. Thereby given each the ability to choose their own risk levels.

The first of the 3 firms to be developed is going to be Betsson, the company’s online casino branch. This is thought to be the segment that will have the biggest growth over the next few years. Global expansion of online gambling is never ending; profits for Betsson are speculated to dwarf the other two sectors of Cherryforetagen. The next branch will be dedicated to the development and sales/licensing of online casino games and gaming systems software. This field is also a growing one when one considers all the recent technological advancements in gaming; online and otherwise.

The final business aspect of the Cherry Corporation will be known as Cherry Casino. This segment will deal with traditional land-based casino games and gaming machines. They plan on staying mainly within Sweden and Denmark with the possibility of expanding into the cruise ship gambling industry. Overall this seems to be a smart business plan for Cherryforetagen, as it reduces risks and ups the profit margins for each of the three branches.

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