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German Based Online Casino

The online casino is getting more and more popular with every passing day, and this is happening on a world wide scale. Germany is one such country where the increase in online casino profits is quite obvious. This year Germany is expecting to see approximately 2.2 billion Euros in earnings, with speculation of over a 100% increase by 2010, to 5 billion Euros. The online casino market has become pretty mainstream in Germany and other European countries, something that many USA citizens are hoping to see happen in their own country.

Until recently there was little that was known about the German gambling market, but a new survey has put a little light on the industry. The German online casino industry currently accounts for about 5-10% of the total gambling market, which currently stands at about 30 billion Euros. The government is only know understanding the massive growth that has occurred with online casinos and are planning on making decisions in early 2006 regarding the direction they wish the market to take. This means that they are not too sure if they want to continue the expansion or halt it.

Germany may find, as the US government seems to believe, that focusing on land-based casinos eliminates the controversy that the online casino brings. Generally speaking, the controversy includes underage gambling and increase in gambling addiction. However, these two negative effects do not outweigh the positive impact that the online casino brings to the country it is based in. These of course include, tax profits and more employment positions. It seems that Germany may stick with the course it is on now, as it seems to be their best bet.

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