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Bad Business for Online Casino King

Poker is the most popular game at online casinos; and some businesses are attempting to profit from the game as much as possible. One such man is Doyle Brunson, who is back in the news, and not surprisingly it has to do with the World Poker Tour (WPT). This time however, it is not the result of a win, but instead, the result of some seemingly suspicious activities. Brunson made a name for himself in poker by winning the World Series of Poker twice; and has since opened up a few online casino sites which are increasingly popular. Brunson has made a business out of his love of poker and millions from the online casino.

Recently, Brunson placed a $700 million take over bid for WPT Enterprises Inc. This offer did not come without controversy however. The Securities and Exchange Commission began investigations regarding the legal issues behind Brunson’s offer and his subsequent decision to publicize it. The reasons behind this are due to the stock increases that the WPT gained after the announcement on July 8th. In addition, Doyle himself has seen a significant customer rise at his online casino sites. When the WPT was unable to reach Brunson or his attorneys shortly thereafter, the stock plummeted once more, and the deal expired.

When Brunson’s law firm was questioned regarding the buyout, it was learnt that the firm was instructed to withhold certain documents, including the details of the offer. It is unclear whether this offer was sincere, or if Doyle Brunson somehow gained from a false offer. Regardless of his motives, the world renowned poker superstar does know the business of gambling very well. This is not only clear with his several poker tournament wins, but is also evident with the way that his online casino sites are run.

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