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Online Casino Business Expansion

Victor Chandler International, headquartered in Gibraltar, is considered one of the largest online casino firms in the industry. Players from over 130 countries worldwide play at the many Victor Chandler online casinos, and have come to expect only the best from this internationally acclaimed business. Recently Game Account, an online casino provider, has signed a lucrative deal with the web gaming giant. The contract enables all Victor Chandler customers’ access to the Game Account gambling network; thus allowing Game Account to increase its clientele substantially with little need for advertising.

This multi-year contract will join the Victor Chandler service, which provides a fully integrated casino with many different languages (including English, French, Spanish, German, etc.) and over 20 types of currencies, and Game Account, which provides gamers with no-download online casino games. The games available on Game Account include such favorites as backgammon, gin rummy, pool and other fantastic real money games. The network will bring together players from sports books, online casino and poker sites world wide.

The joining of these two groups will be great for players and businesses alike. Players will have the opportunity to play at a plethora of different types of games under one base account. Not only will they have the chance to play at the Victor Chandler casinos and sports books, but now the new Sit ‘n’ Go games available from Game Account; gamblers will always find something to suit their needs. As for the businesses, nothing is better than having a satisfied customer that will keep coming back time and time again.

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