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Online Casino Competition Means Business

The online casino industry has made of $10 billion this year, and is speculated to increase profits by 50% for 2006. Online casinos are constantly competing against one another to gain more customers and name recognition. Like all other businesses, the best known method for attracting a larger customer base is via advertising. This has been rather problematic in the UK and US as of late due to restrictions which have been set to guard against online casino advertising. However, a London-based marketing firm, Jack Media, announced that it is ready and willing to tackle the business by opening an advertising branch strictly for the online casino market.

The Jack Media group is planning on launching a new agency specifically aimed at marketing the online casino and poker gambling industry. Well known names such as William Hill, Mansion and Be The Dealer Online Casino have already signed with the group, and many are sure to follow in their steps. This branch of Jack Media is planning on solely working with online casinos; this is very attractive as it will help the group learn the legal loopholes, thereby allowing the online casino to be better advertised on an international scale.

The advertising agency is planning on promoting each of their clients both online and offline, in the UK, North America and other European markets. The potential client base for Jack Media is quite significant considering the vast quantities of casinos on the web. It seems that this group has all the potential to be successful, as they are already a well known marketing firm in the London business world. This kind of international advertising will bring recognition to both the online casino and agency. Assuming all goes well legality wise, other agencies are sure to begin focusing on the online casino market in the near future.

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