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Online Casino Mega Merger

The growth of the online casino industry is spurring many companies to merge in order to remain viable in the ever expanding market. One such potential mergers is betting William Hill, a UK-based bookmaker considered second-best in the market, and Rank, and online casino and bingo giant. Although already in early proceedings, this £4 billion merger was stopped by the William Hill Company. The discussions were supposedly rejected due to the companies’ different stock exchange rating, which are lower for William Hill online casino bookmaker mogul.

Although the merger has currently been put to a halt, it is speculated that talks will soon recommence. A merger between William Hill and Rank will form an online casino giant in the UK which would rival Gala, the UK’s largest gaming site to date. It will successfully bring William Hill bookmakers and Rank’s Mecca bingo, Grosvenor online casino and Blue Square online betting together. In addition, Rank is the current owner of the Hard Rock Caf? chain.

The two companies are relatively close in size and value. Rank is currently worth £1.92 billion, while William Hill is valued at £1.97 billion. Combined revenues, assuming a successful merger, would equal a whopping £10.3 billion; 80% of which would be generated by William Hill. Due to the never ending online casino competition, it seems plausible that the two firms will soon continue their discussion. Becoming the largest online casino in the UK is a feat worth striving for; and if anyone can succeed it is William Hill.

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