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Online Casino Advertisements

Online casino sites are in overt defiance of current advertising restrictions placed by the US government to control the online poker industry. According to a recently published article, the U.S. Justice Department has targeted several prominent media companies for accepting advertising from online casinos, most specifically, online poker. With the ever increasing popularity of poker in the US from televised celebrity tournaments and the World Poker Tour, it is not a surprise that online casino sites are attempting to bring in potential gamblers.

Many online casino companies have found clever ways to advertise and surpass the legality issues imposed on the industry, by the US. The New York Post stated that companies like Doyle’s Room are advertising free poker sites, often ending in dot-net and composed of free poker tips, gambling strategies and poker games. This ultimately prompts visitors to gamble at their real money online casino. The US must come to terms with the fact that approximately 60-70% of all online casino players are based within the USA. With or without advertisements, these players will continue to gamble at international based casinos.

The online poker industry, which is legal in many oversea countries, has captured the interest of most Americans, and is now one the most popular online casino activities on the internet. As an example, Doyle’s Poker Room guarantees over 60 gambling tournaments per day and hosts poker games to thousands of people from around the world. The need for a gambling trip to Vegas, Atlantic City or your local poker room has virtually vanished due to the recent increase in popularity of the online casino.

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