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eCOGRA Awards Additional Online Casino Sites

The eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation (eCOGRA), who has been giving out the “Play it Safe” seal of approval to qualified online casino sites, has now handed out 10 more seals. This brings the total number of eCOGRA approved online casinos to 66. In order to get eCOGRA approval and online casino must undergo extensive testing and inspection by professional teams and auditing groups. This ensures that the casino is running efficiently, fairly and responsibly. Allowing the gambler to feel secure about their overall online gambling experience.

eCOGRA and such similar organizations like the OPA, are an integral part of the online casino industry. Because these sites are spread out internationally and not generally not government regulated, it is important for gamers to know that someone is looking out for their wellbeing. eCOGRA’s members currently make up approximately 70-80% of the online casino industry. Considering the vast amount of gambling sites on the web, these numbers are extraordinary. The non-profit organization requires that these member casinos be financially stable and have enough funds to cover players’ bets.

The organization is not only important for customers, but is becoming a necessary part of the online casino. Without assurance that the casino is reputable the gambling sites will see a major decrease in new and continuing players. And what is an online casino without someone to gamble? Well, it’s just a website. eCOGRA continues to monitor approved casinos after the ‘Play it Safe’ is awarded; to ensure that the high quality standards are always kept in order. In addition, the group will take care of any customer issues that relate to member online casinos; these complaints are generally taken care of within 48 hours. This makes casinos approved by eCOGRA the best in the industry.

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