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Soon to Come to the Online Casino

The 2006 International Casino Expo (ICE) will arrive at London on January 24th and will be a major industry hotspot until the 26th. The ICE covers online casino games to interior design of land-based casinos and everything in between. This year a total of 185 companies from 34 countries will be showing off their new products and designs to gambling fans and companies a like. Of the 185 presenters, 41 will be devoted to the online casino industry. A major increase from the last ICE; proving once more that online casinos are a rapidly expanding market.

The biggest names in online casino software will be present at the 2006 ICE. This includes Israel’s Play Tech technology group, which supplies online casino games and technology to hundreds of sites. Other countries to be present at the expo include the US, with 18 different companies, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Australia and many more. The International Casino Expo is a great way for online casinos to learn what is new in the industry and see it first hand. It also allows for land-based casinos to see what is available to them in terms of games and design ideas.

After the 2006 Expo you may see many advancements arriving at your favorite online casino. New technology is always being developed and the latest and best will be available for viewing in London. With the ever increasing world of internet gambling it is no surprise that the ICE is attracting more people than ever. Companies from all over the world are interested to see what they are up against; and fans want to see what will be coming their way in the near future.

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