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Online Casino Promotion Cut Short

eBay is the top online auction site in the world, regarded as the number one site for the best deals on any product. However, recently this site put a stop to what can only be called the greatest deal in online casino history; a chance to win $100,000 worth of credits for one online casino site. After the initial posting of the auction by Bet by Internet online casino, the bids were pouring in at a rapid rate. It took eBay two days to pick up on the auction; at which point they immediately ceased bidding.

Bet by Internet online casino and sports book, posted the auction with a reserve of a mere $49,000. Conceivably allowing the winner to gain an additional $51,000 worth of gambling credits; that is over 50% free money. The eBay legal department claimed that the auction promoted the online casino industry, which is currently illegal in the US. This decision is similar to the one made by eBay regarding PayPal, which the company acquired a few years ago. Before the merger, PayPal was the main payment service used by online casino player; upon takeover however, eBay pulled PayPal out of casino related companies, claiming that they will not ‘encourage illegal actions’.

Bet by Internet was not surprised that eBay pulled the plug on the auction; however, they were expecting it to occur almost immediately, not two full days later. The online casino is now considering a new direction to attract customers. This time they have found a loop hole and will be offering an auction with a pre-paid gambling trip to Las Vegas; as Vegas gambling is completely legal.

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