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New Information Portal for Online Casino

Gaming Public, an investment information portal for the online casino industry, has recently announced the arrival of its new website. The group believes that the site will help meet the growing demand for dependable information on online casino commerce. Gambling Public provides information for investment in the internet gaming (I-gaming) world, with number analysis and updated news.

The online casino is growing rapidly on the internet, and simultaneously, so is interest in the field. Although it has grown substantially since its beginnings in the early 1990’s, the industry is still relatively immature. With new regulations and legislations being imposed yearly, and on a world wide scale, a reliable information portal is a necessity. Current online casino revenues stand at $10 billion for 2005; a 30% increase from 2004. Predictions have been made for a 50% for the 2006 fiscal year, which will bring the net profits to 15 billion dollars. Gaming Public provides gamers with up to date news and number analysis of all the different subsets of the online casino.

Similar to eCOGRA and the Online Players Association (OPA), Gaming Public plans on giving information about all aspects of the ever growing online casino industry. Although it does not plan on regulating any specific sites, it will be available for both customers and business investors who need updated data. It is necessary for all online casino gamers to research different casino sites and the information portals before choosing the best casinos for their needs. Gaming Portal is yet another method in which to accomplish this task.

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