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Online Casino Millionaire Attacked

Saturday night bought a shock to online casino millionaire Aaron Shaked, when a hand grenade was thrown into his house. Shaked won a name for himself in September of last year, when the internet gambling Casino 888 went public in the London Stock exchange. Each of the Shaked brothers made over 90 million dollars and remained with holdings of over 250 million dollars in their world acclaimed online gambling site Aaron Shaked is now running in the primaries for the Israeli Labor Party, under the slogan “Proud, Socialist Millionaire!” Declaring that notwithstanding the familys’ online gambling billions, Shaked feels for the less fortunate, and promises to raise minimum wage and to lead far reaching reforms that will improve the state of Israel’s poor, and the worker class.

Asked why he decided now to run for office, he replied that the political environment in Israel is such that he finally feels that he can make a difference. This is not the first time that Shaked has found himself in politics. A member of the Labor Party since 1981, Shaked was a key member of the groups of businessmen who supported the Geneva initiative, who sought to find an answer to the Middle Eastern Crisis. The family’s online gambling site is rated number 1 in the world, bringing the Shaked family into the spot light both in Israel and on an international level.

The explosion that occurred late Saturday rocked the entire street of the exclusive neighborhood where Shaked lives, and while no one was injured, the house itself suffered damages and broken windows. The authorities are investigating whether the bomb is linked to Shaked’s recent announcement of running for political office, or whether it is connected to the family’s online gambling enterprise. While the family has suffered similar attacks in the past, there has been a lull in recent years.

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