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Online Casino Virtual Sporting Events

New developments in online casino software are occurring daily. This is mostly due to the increase of casino clientele. The online casino market is constantly growing, with net yearly profits reaching $10 billion. It is therefore no surprise that internet-based casinos are trying to attract players by offering the hottest games and promotions. And now the newest games to hit the online gambling industry, introduced by X Games, are virtual sports games.

The games include Penalty Shootout, a soccer game, Blue Bury Park, a horse race book, and Kennel Woof Park, a greyhound race book. All three games are virtual versions of the popular sporting events. Currently available at Blue Square gaming, these types of games are sure to make the spread into other online casino sites. Featuring all the same betting opportunities offered for live versions, these virtual games allow gamblers to place bets and watch events twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.

Blue Square online casino got its start in the European market as a bookmaking site, but has since expanded into a popular casino and sports book. There is no doubt that these new sporting games will be successful as there are many online gamblers that enjoy betting on sporting events. It is conceivable that in the near future other online casino software companies will be developing such games as virtual football, basketball and the like, to attract gamblers on a world wide scale.

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