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New Software for the Online Casino Poker Player

CMM Enterprises, a New Jersey based software company, has recently developed a new poker tool known as The Poker Advantage. This new stealth poker tool helps players win when playing at online casino Texas Hold’em tournaments. Using a highly advanced algorithm this program, when running along side an online casino, gathers player and opponent data and simultaneously does statistical analysis of each hand. The tool allows online casino players to have an artificial advantage over their opponents.

The Poker Advantage tool currently works along side big names in the online casino world, such as Party Poker, Empire Poker, Poker Now and the like. At a cost of $49.95 for the program, it is sure to pay for itself in no time. The software does a multitude of tasks all at the same time. It automatically reads all the visible cards on the table and gives you a reading of your hand strength throughout. In addition, the program gives you tips of what you should do on your next turn, be it folding, calling or raising. Generally speaking, an online casino poker player cannot memorize past hands dealt to him or his opponents. The Poker Advantage Tool takes care of that task and lets the player know how their competitors are playing and what their profits and losses are.

The history tool allows the player to visually see what each of their adversaries have done for the past 20 hands in graph form. This is certainly an advantage when playing fast paced games at an online casino with many gamblers seated at a table. To learn more about this program and see screenshots visit The Poker Advantage Tool website. CMM Enterprises has found a real winner with this artificial advantage software. And online casino players who utilize this program are going to see significant increases in their winnings, as well as their knowledge

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