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Virgin enters the online casino world

Ever wonder what the one thing you are missing on your international flight is? An online casino, of course. Well, at least that is what will soon be added to Virgin flights and trains. The Virgin Corporation has decided to expand their products and services into the ever growing field of online gambling. Allowing European based players to have the excitement of an online casino at their finger tips regardless of their location. What’s better than flying to Las Vegas, than arriving to Vegas with a bit of winnings in your pocket already?

There is little doubt that Virgin will be successful in the online casino market as they have the ability to promote themselves on a global scale. Allowing access to online gambling on flights and train travel is a major attraction for many commuters. In addition, Virgin Megastores are located world wide, and will surely offer gamblers a place to relax and entertain themselves with some online casino fun!

When playing at a Virgin online casino you not only have the chance to win money, but opportunities to earn flight miles and product points. Let’s not even talk about the prizes that Virgin is ready to offer their top online gamblers. Maybe you will win a seat on Virgins’ first flight to the space, where you will be sure to find a place to play your favorite online casino games!!

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