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Online Casino Operators Missing the Boat

This passing week we have been informed of another successful attempt by an online casino operator to penetrate the Asian market. The BetonSports online casino group signed an exclusive deal that will enable the company to provide exclusive sports gambling services in the Philippines. Even though their achievement marks a major breakthrough for the online casinos industry, this is just a drop in the water. Overall, online casino operators have yet to gain grounds in the Asian to the same extent they have in the West.

The majority of online casino operators have shied away from mobile gambling, directing their attention to the online casino market. The reason that has limited the growth of mobile gambling is the lack of affordable mobile devices suitable for mobile gambling. What online casino operators have failed to realize is that this problem doesn’t exist in the Far East where advanced PDA’s and cell phones are selling like hotcakes. Instead of pushing online casino gambling, they should have concentrated their efforts on mobile gambling.

An independent research company called IDC has recently released the results of a study conduced on the subject of mobile gambling in the Asian market. The study indicates that mobile gambling in Asia is expected to show steady growth well into the year 2009. Jun-Fwu Chin IDC analyst explains, “Malaysia will see the number of mobile online game users grow at a compounded annual rate of over 70 percent from 2004 to 2009. Singapore and China will see users grow at a rate of around 60 pct in the same period”. In 2004, South Korea had the highest percentage of mobile gambling users, representing 6.9 percent of all mobile users world wide.

OCA News Editor