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New Twist in Online Casino Saga

A new revelation in the Empire – Party Gaming online casino saga has come to surface. Presumably, the online casino company received written notice from Party Gaming, but neglected to mention it in a prospectus sent to investors prior to issuing their shares on the stock exchange. Empire did however mention Party Gaming’s intention of moving its registered online casino players to a poker platform different from the one provided for Empire users. However, they shrugged it off claiming that it won’t have any effect on the online casino company’s profits.

Since both online casinos companies used to share the same platform, this move has isolated Empire’s online casino players who were essentially left behind. As a result of the change, Party Gaming has moved its existing account holders to a new and improved online casino poker platform, more advanced than the one Empire’s players are using. It turns out that Empire were not correct in their assessment, seeing as the move has caused their share price to drop. Last week the online casino company’s stock was traded at 69½ pound, which is a lot less that its initial flotation price of 175 pound.

Empire sources vigorously deny these allegations, saying that nothing was omitted from the prospectus sent to investors. Furthermore, they claim that the damage to their stock wasn’t caused as a result of the new poker platform, but as a result of Party Gaming convincing Empire online casino players to switch to their sites. Party Gaming deny these allegations emphatically. Despite making these allegations, Empire has not terminated its business partnership with its rival online casino operator. Empire online casinos continue to offer their players the older version Party Gaming poker platform.

OCA News Editor