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New Skins for Online Casino Poker Fans

Absolute Poker, a leading online casino poker site, has decided to allow its players to add a touch of class, or personality, to their poker tables online. With the new business launch of Absolute Poker ‘Skins’, these graphic art table skins are easy to install, allowing online casinos players’ personalities to shine. And, if members download these ‘skins’ now, they will also be able to compete in the new ‘Skins’ contest for a prize of $500. These ‘skins’ are yet another example of how this online casino site is promoting a fun atmosphere and environment for its players.

‘We took the initiative and created a number of different tables players can easily install,’ says Mike Edwards, Business Development Manager at Absolute Poker. ‘We also created the ability for people to design their own tables and share their designs. We are in a position to provide our players with what they want, and they can now create their own tables. This is going to be a lot of fun,’ stated Mike Edwards, Business Development Manager at the online casino. Absolute Poker has provided its online casinos players with many choices of ‘skins’ – ranging from college logos to specific designs to other specialized graphics ‘skins’.

The online casino came up with the new business venture in response to the feedback and comments of its loyal members. Each wanted something a little different concerning their poker tables, and as a result, the online casino poker leader is now offering these ‘skins’. With new ideas and business strategies constantly emerging from this dynamic industry, it is clear that the majority of online casinos want to provide the best of everything for their patrons.

OCA News Editor