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Business Practices and the Online Casino

Some online casino sites have taken to using strange and outrageous practices when it comes to advertising their name. One online casino in particular, known as Golden Palace has made a name for itself by flashing their logo around in all sorts of places you wouldn’t normally find a logo for a business. On a woman’s chest, or another woman’s pregnant stomach and even tattooed on someone’s forehead. This foray into the realm of bizarre advertising has allowed for this online casino to grow its reputation and build its business online.

Notably, this online casino has made a habit of going for the most shocking, outrageous and even disruptive advertising campaigns. The question is does this constitute good business practice and when it comes to publicity is there actually such a thing as bad business practices? The online casino has paid $10,600 for a sandwich and offered $65,000 for a cane rumored to be haunted by a ghost.

Mr. Black handles the advertising business for this online casino and this is what he had to say about some of their ideas: “We’re not crazy. Everyone was saying, ‘Look at these idiots, they spent all this money on a sandwich….’ But the amount of exposure we get far exceeds the amount of money we spent.” But a purely business standard, this online casino is definitely on the right track.

OCA News Editor