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Chinese Student Commits Suicide After World Cup Gambling Loss

Chinese Student Commits Suicide After World Cup Gambling Loss

A second year student in China leaped from the 7th floor of his campus building after losing more than 20,000 Yuan (US$ 3,200) betting on World Cup games.

Chinese Student Commits Suicide After World Cup Gambling Loss

World Cup fever results in multiple deaths in China including a student with a gambling debt.

According to a classmate of the student, he had lost the money in several bets on various games.

It was not clear from reports which games the student lost the money on, but according to witnesses close to the student, he was heard having a telephone conversation prior to jumping.

Apparently he said “Do not force me, give me two more days and I will return the money”.

The student was then on the phone for another 10 minutes before hanging up and then suddenly disappearing.

He was rushed to a local hospital but doctors were unable to revive him.

China has a strong football following, many of which are devote gamblers.

The Chinese government runs its own World Cup lottery and ticket sales from this World Cup are expected to exceed 10 billion Yuan (US$ 1.6035 Billion).

This is not the first World Cup related death in China.

A 22-year old woman jumped from the ninth floor of her building after an argument with her boyfriend who left her to watch a game alone.

Another woman suffered a miscarriage while celebrating a goal and a man went into a coma after staying awake for multiple nights to watch the games.

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