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Credit Card Payment System at 11 Casinos Hacked

Credit Card Payment System at 11 Casinos Hacked

Affinity Gaming has confirmed that its credit and debit card system for non-gaming purchases has been hacked. The attack has hit 11 casinos including the Mark Twain Casino in LaGrange.

Credit Card Payment System at 11 Casinos Hacked

Affinity Gaming’s 11 casinos all had their non-gaming purchase systems compromised, endangering customer credit card details.

A press release said that the security breach “resulted in a compromise of credit card and debit card information used in non-gaming purchases from individuals who visited its casino and casino resort facilities.”

Customers who paid for food, drinks, and hotel or retail services with their cards between December and April may have had their data exposed.

Affinity Gaming is now urging customers to take steps to protect their identities and financial information.

David Ross, the CEO of Affinity, said, “Our customers are our top priority, and we can assure them we are working tirelessly, using best-in-class experts to protect our IT system and their information. We deeply regret any inconvenience this incident may cause and are ensuring our customers have the information they need to address any concerns.”

Officials at Affinity were conducting a security audit of computer systems on April 17th when a possible issue was noticed. Further investigation discovered the full nature of the compromise. The issue has now been resolved and future payments will be protected.

OCA News Editor