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Cleveland Gamblers Frozen Out of Casino

Cleveland Gamblers Frozen Out of Casino

Much of America is currently suffering through record breaking low temperatures and major disruptions due to unprecedented blizzards. For the residents of Cleveland who were hoping to pass the cold spell by enjoying themselves at the Horseshoe Casino this is particularly bad news. The casino closed until further notice on Monday morning due to the bitter cold temperatures.

Cleveland Gamblers Frozen Out of Casino

The Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland has been forced to close due to the extreme cold weather.

The PR Manager for the Horseshoe Casino, Shannon Mortland, said that the casino has closed due to severe weather and that updates would be posted on both the casino’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

However, all is not lost; there are other options available for gambling fans in Cleveland.

The ThistleDown Racino is remaining open with limited staff for those eager to place a bet. However, make sure to eat before you go as all dining options are closed until further notice.

Furthermore Northfield’s Hard Rock Racino is still operating as usual. Unfortunately the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been forced to close as have the Boston Mills Brandywine, Polar Blast and Alpine Valley ski resorts.

OCA News Editor