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Fatal Shooting at Bally’s Underground Nightclub

Fatal Shooting at Bally’s Underground Nightclub

An argument at a Las Vegas nightclub early on Monday morning led to a shooting which left one person dead after he tried to calm the gunman and two employees wounded.

A man began shooting at 5:45am wounding a manager and a guard at Drai’s After Hours, a club at Bally’s Hotel-Casino, there are unconfirmed reports that another guard may have been injured.

Fatal Shooting at Bally’s Underground Nightclub

A man was shot and killed after a man pulled a gun while arguing over the cover charge at Drai’s After Hours nightclub.

One male customer was shot and killed as he tried to subdue the gunman as people fled from the club. According to police sergeant John Sheahan, “The person is in custody. The weapon is in custody.”
However, so far no names have been released.

According to authorities the gunman paid the cover charge before demanding his money back and starting to shoot.

The gunman was injured and taken to University Medical Center for treatment and was booked at Clark County Detention Center in absentia.

After the incident gambling continued in the casino but yellow crime scene tape was wrapped around several banks of slot machines outside the nightclub.

In a statement Bally’s said, “Drai’s After House and Bally’s Las Vegas extend deepest sympathies to those injured by the shooter.”

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