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  • Jul 06 2011

    D.C. to Launch First Legalised Online Casino in U.S.

    D.C. gamers are preparing to open their doors to online casinos after months of speculation and controversy. D.C. officials have announced that the region is gearing up to launch its very own online casino, it emerged this week. The latest reports indicate that the city will be the first to open a virtual casino following

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  • Jul 05 2011

    Samsung to Upgrade Galaxy S II

    The latest rumours suggest that Samsung could be about to launch a new upgraded version of its flagship smartphone. Mobile gamers could be in for a treat this autumn after fresh rumours emerged of an imminent release from the mobile giant Samsung. The latest reports indicate that the corporation could be about to launch an

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  • Jul 04 2011

    Shocking Celebrity High Stakes Poker Revelations

    Gaming lovers have been gripped by the latest reports of Tobey Maguire’s exclusive high stakes poker circle packed with stars. Stories of celebrity poker tournaments involving some of the best known names and faces in show business are generating a lot of buzz. The latest reports have centred on Tobey Maguire’s exclusive high stakes poker

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  • Jul 03 2011

    Party Digital Entertainment Cooperates with Sportsbook Review

    The leading sportsbook Bwin has agreed to cooperate with SBR following its new merger with PartyGaming. The sportsbetting service Bwin has long found itself under attack for failing to cooperate with customer satisfaction services. Many complained that the sportsbook had been refusing to engage with Sportsbook Review (SBR) – hiding behind data protection laws in

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