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  • Jan 16 2008

    Grim future for online casino gambling in Germany

    Heavy new restrictions may well be imposed on Germany’s online casino industry by the end of this week, including a complete ban on online casino betting, as part of the interstate agreement to protect the country’s state monopolies for lotteries and a variety of other betting forms. The idea to put a halt to all

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  • Jan 15 2008

    The casino takes to the sky with Jet Blue

    The American charter Jet Blue Airways has confirmed that it will soon be providing online casino gambling services as part of its in-house flight games and entertainment package. The move comes after a long line of larger airlines that have also purchased in-house casino gambling for national and international flights in the past few months,

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  • Jan 14 2008

    Antigua Wants Money, Goes after Hollywood

    Trying to fight with the United States on an international trading front, as the World Trade Organization, isn’t very easy. Antigua and Barbuda has been asking for compensations for months now, but the United States hasn’t been playing along. Antigua believes that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has affected its economy and basically constitutes

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  • Jan 13 2008

    WTO Gives Antigua Retaliatory Trade for Online Gambling

    The United States and Antigua hasn’t been friends during the last few weeks. Antigua and Barbuda is claiming that the United States needs to compensate for its withdrawal from past agreements it has made with other World Trade Organization members regarding online gambling, but the United States Trade Representative wasn’t that complying. After long debates

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  • Jan 12 2008

    Surprise Your Loved Ones with Online Casino Action

    One of the most festive days of the year, Christmas, was celebrated throughout the world during the last week and online casinos were packed with jolly gamblers. Christmas is “the” time of the year for shopping as gifts are at the center of attention. Buying something for your loved ones or even buying for yourself

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  • Jan 11 2008

    New Video Poker Platform for 2008

    What’s a better way of celebrating the New Year than playing new versions of video poker? Microgaming, the Isle of Man based gambling turnkey provider, decided to award us with new version of the popular game and will launch the new additions on January. Beta version of the game will be unveiled at the International

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  • Jan 10 2008

    Online Casino Sportsbook Teams with Hammers

    Establishing connection in an industry like the online gambling one is highly important for any firm who’s eager to successes. Jaxx, a new online casino sports books which operates in the United Kingdom, is working overtime on establishing connections. Just now we have learned that the online sportsbook has closed a deal with Lycos UK,

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  • Jan 09 2008

    Automated Online Casino Poker Machines

    The first version of poker was not a virtual one, of course. Poker has been around since ever and the virtual version of the game that we all know and love came to light with the interdiction of online casinos. The online gambling world has taken the classical way of gambling and brought it into

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  • Jan 08 2008

    Different Type of Gambling at Sports Sites

    Playing at online casino sports sites isn’t like playing at other types of virtual gambling websites. If you are used to playing video poker, online slots, virtual roulette or any other type of casino game, then you might have a slow start at the online bookmakers. However, don’t let that intimidate you! Online sports betting

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  • Jan 01 2008

    Stop Playing at Online Casino and Use the Lottery

    The current ban over online gambling in America has been enacted for a moral reason, as supporters of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act would claim. To their opinion gambling is not a moral way to pass one’s time and the widespread of gambling, using the internet, should be limited. If people won’t be exposed

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