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  • Nov 09 2008

    Internet gaming: License it, regulate it, tax it

    More Americans than ever are turning to internet gaming and it is estimated that internet gaming will make about $10 billion in profits this year with 80% of consumers residing in the US. For internet gaming operators the issue dead simple, none of the traditional casino costs apply. They do not need land, croupiers or

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  • Nov 08 2008

    Illegal sports gambling lawful in sheriff’s office?

    A dozen south suburban bars have been raided by the county sheriff’s officers last December. During the raids they seized and destroyed video gaming machines and confiscated football sports gambling slips. All of which was videotaped by the department and sent to the media for extensive coverage. Now it seems the finger is pointing to

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  • Nov 07 2008

    Taking the waters, Harrah’s opens new casino

    Whether the boat will float remains to be seen but it is no less spectacular for all that! It cost Harrah’s more than $500 million and is about 175,000 square feet of sheer luxury. In comparison to other riverboat casinos, this is superlative. Row upon row of table games, 3,200 slots and you get the

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  • Nov 06 2008

    Adelson casino empire hits a rocky patch

    He is known the world over as the world’s richest Jew, casinos are the bedrock of his billions, now it looks as if casinos may also rock the bed. It all started in 1989 with the purchase of the Las Vegas Sands for $128 million. He scrapped the entire casino and built the very successful

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  • Nov 05 2008

    Online casino investigation delivers two more malfeasants

    Two years have passed since the start of the investigation into online casino giant Bodog. The IRS has seized $14.2 million from JBL Services and around $9.87 million from ZipPayments. Edward Courdy of ZipPayments and Michael Garone of JBL Services have now been charged with money laundering.Apparently Courdy transferred $2.38 million from Dublin to Nevada

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  • Nov 04 2008

    Sportsbooks favor Rays to win World Series

    Sean Van Patten at Las Vegas Sports Consultants says the Rays are favored at minus-$1.35, meaning a gambler would need to bet $1.35 to be paid $1 if Tampa Bay wins. The Pillies are offered by sportsbooks at plus $1.15, if they win you win $1.15 for every $1 wagered. Amazing how things have changed

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  • Nov 03 2008

    Credit blues also hit online casinos hard

    Although the number of new customers and deposits seems to remain constant, deposits at online casinos have dropped by about 30%. Online casinos are devising new strategies in order to cope with this pinch in their budgets. Some online casinos are offering bonuses with every deposit and have dropped deposit limits. Welcome bonuses on first

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  • Nov 02 2008

    Slots past and present, a reflection of society

    Remember the hay days of the slots? The one-armed bandit with its happy tinkling of coins and wizzamagoos? Once upon a time, when you entered the casino you would see people feeding coins into the slots and pulling the lever in the hope of a win. Casino assistants used to wander about with coin belts,

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  • Nov 01 2008

    Lucky 7 patents for casino technology innovator PokerTek

    Most visitors to casinos like Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza and Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas have played on PokerTek’s PokerPro system. Now PokerTek has been granted seven more patents on table and gameplay features like centre console, ways to obscure playing cards, electronic card tournaments and game administrator tools. Some casino workers are

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