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  • Jun 29 2008

    Online Casino Gambling in Norway on the Rise

    A recent report released by the Norwegian Gambling Commission has found that the overall revenues from online casino gambling in Norway rose by 6.1% in 2007. Despite that the Norwegian Government maintains a not so positive view on internet casino gambling, the latest statistics have proven that the country thinks otherwise. The report, published in

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  • Jun 26 2008

    internet gambling a now being held.

    Just over 2 years have passed since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed in the USA, and legal battles over its effective banning of internet gambling in the States have simply raged ever since. From the moment it was first suggested, the efficacy of the UIGEA has been questioned, with many of

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  • Jun 25 2008

    Sportsbook Websites Competition Concluded: LinesMover Takes Win

    A recent study on sportsbook websites conducted by LineMover, LLC, and headed by Dr. Kenneth Weitzner of Eye on Gambling, has just been concluded and the results released. Taking place over a 30 day period, the in-depth study focused on 4 leading sportsbook companies, Don Best, SportsOptions, LinesMover and G&J Update, in order to provide

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  • Jun 24 2008

    Casino Gambling Law Reform In The Horizon in Ireland

    In light of the undeniable online gambling boom on the internet over recent years, many countries have decided to remove their anti casino gambling laws and replace them with casino gambling regulation. From recent events in Ireland, it seems that it too will be opting for a regulated casino gambling environment on the Net. According

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  • Jun 23 2008

    Casino Gambling Celebrating 30 Years in Atlantic City

    In lieu of the upcoming anniversary for 30 years of casino gambling in the state of New Jersey, the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey will be conducting a new study focusing on the effects of casino gambling in Atlantic City. The college will be working in cooperation with the Rutgers Center for research on

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  • Jun 22 2008

    15% of One Casino Operators Hide Criminal Records

    A new study conducted by has revealed that up to 15% of online casino owners hide a criminal record. This surprising news comes as a hard blow to the industry following several waves of bad publicity from anti-gambling groups. In most industries, in order to establish a new company the potential owner must prove

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  • Jun 19 2008

    King Solomon’s Internet Casino Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

    One of the internet’s oldest and most reputable casinos, King Solomon’s, is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this month. The internet casino will be holding a one-off Mega Draw and a series of special promotions in order to celebrate its long and successful history. A new anniversary edition of the internet casino has been established

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  • Jun 18 2008

    New Casino Technology by Microsoft Hits Las Vegas

    Microsoft’s latest development, touch screen surface computers, has been released, and the American casino industry was the first place to test the new technology. Debuting in Harrah’s Entertainment Casino, the new screens have been installed as an attempt to attract new kinds of guests to the venue. Harrah’s is the second business to have employed

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  • Jun 17 2008

    Online Casino Gambling Taking South Korea by Storm Despite Illegality

    Online casino gambling has simply exploded around the world in recent years, taking both players and operators by storm. South Korea is just one of those places in which regardless of the illegality of online casino gambling, the nation is seeing a steady increase in the amount of online gamblers.A BBC news report from 2002

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  • Jun 16 2008

    Online Betting to be Legalized in France as of 2009

    According to the Budget Minister of France, Eric Woerth, an agreement has been reached between France and the European Union whereby the country will open its doors to the online betting industry as of June 2009. The announcement comes after a meeting held this week in which Woerth and Charlie McCreevy, the Internal Markets Commissioner,

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