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  • May 06 2008

    UK Casinos Features New Blackjack Game

    Gypsy King Software has released a new version 1.3.0 of its Blackjack Gold, and this UK casinos software game is being introduced all over the country this very instant. The new version is said to allow OS X Leopard users to enjoy the game as well as all the usual players. The game allows for

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  • US online casino ban battled by Washington poker fans
    May 05 2008

    US online casino ban battled by Washington poker fans

    The battle against the US online casino ban, UIGEA, has only just started and is gaining more and more power every day. New lobby organizations and other groups trying to influence the lawmakers on the issue, pops up all the time. The latest ally in the American poker fans struggle to win over the ban

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  • Online Casinos Next in Macau?
    May 04 2008

    Online Casinos Next in Macau?

    China and Macau have decided to freeze the issuing of new casino licenses for the next ten years. The market is overcrowding already in Macau, due to the huge explosion the gambling resort has experienced in popularity. Instead rumours have it, that remote internet gambling will be allowed. This means that players will be able

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  • May 03 2008

    Sportsbook Betfair receives Queen’s Award

    The well-reputed sportsbook, Betfair, was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for the second time. The sportsbook has been in the market for eight years, and had such a huge success and impact on the gambling and betting industry, that it twice has been awarded for its achievements. Betfair received the award first time five years

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  • May 02 2008

    Test of casino online by MIT team

    If you have ever been worried about playing casino online, BackgammonMasters now ease these worries by letting an independent blackjack testing team test their new software. The gambling site is inspired by the movie “21”, in which a MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) blackjack card reading team beats Las Vegas casinos at their own game.

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  • May 01 2008

    Online casino and lottery sale to share same destiny?

    A recent study shows that states holding lottery drawings could increase their sale dramatically by going online. However, the ever looming threat of being included in the UIGEA recoils many companies from taking the next step to go online. They understood the message the online casino industry was taught, and do not wish to find

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